Book Review: The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo)

I love Rick Riordan and I can’t emphasis how much but after Sword of Summer, I thought it was probably time for Rick to either drop the entire old meets new world order theme or find another angle to his brand of stories and it seems like he has definitely found it.

The idea that a god could become man sounds so familiar but for that particular god to be Apollo, well we should be in for a treat right? If you were worried that you would be disappointed, you should put your mind to rest because he more than delivered on this character.

A Former god named Apollo

Apollo seems to have offended Zeus especially after the role he played in Octavian‘s game to destroy Camp Half-Blood and his punishment, become mortal. The story hit the ground running with Apollo narrating his tale in a fantastic way by telling us that he landed in a trash dump and not in a flattering way. What was most fascinating about Apollo‘s tale was the way his constant need to bring himself back to reality and at the same time deal with the fact that he was no longer a god, no longer as handsome as he used to be nor could he sing like he used to.

A Party of One (It’s all about ME)

Apollo despite being human didn’t lose his personality at all, I mean the guy could put Narcissus to shame. He is the very definition of who a narcissist is. He loves to make everything about himself even during dangerous situations especially the part where he found a way to admire some of the most narcissistic traits he has in his children even going as far as saying they had their priorities right. A lot of self-love going on in this book.

A Weird Sense of Humour

A simple way to describe this Apollo would be to say he is Percy without the fighting skills and the courage and Leo without his creativity but with a little bit of his own awesomeness. The guy is simply delightful.Trust me!!!!!!!

His Current Master

Apparently this is not the first time he has been turned human and every time, he is bound to complete tasks assigned to him by a mortal and here comes Meg. Meg sort of reminds me of Annabeth in the early days without the know-it-all attitude. She is sharp, athletic, resourceful and a complete and total badass.

P.S: I will love to read more about the tales of Apollo. The book is a very refreshing read.


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