Book Review: Ruined by Amy Tintera

This is a story you’ve probably read a couple of times before and most likely in a number of way. The classic revenge tale of a girl that set out to get revenge on those who have wronged her but unwittingly falls in love with one of the people she was supposed to kill then starts having second thoughts and all the bull that comes along with it. Where most authors stand out is what they do about the character of the individual, the back-story, the twist and some other interesting bits so why did I read this book you ask? Kiera Cass. It was quite clever to put a review by a writer of her caliber on the cover because it sure did sway me. I don’t agree with the holding on for dear life part of her review but I can say the book needs a sequel.

A Girl on a Mission

Revenge is always a double-edged sword but Em is the main reason the government doesn’t like using women for undercover operations, not that trained agents can’t pull it off perfectly. Starting Em off as a strong capable lady able to defend herself in a fight not needing any guy to save her was a very good idea and it was what led me to fall for the character in the first place but almost immediately, she started to fall for the prince and I was like girl, remember what you came here to do. More killing and spying, less loving the prince. It was quite glaring that she was inexperienced and immature especially when she would suddenly let her rage get the better of her.

A Mooning Prince

Cas is a great guy and an even better prince but it seems like all he cares about is if Em likes him or not and when he is not thinking about that, he is wondering about something she said or how she looked she was fighting or something that has to do with her and I am like dude, stop playing a game of she loves me, she loves me not and just grow a pair and tell her how you feel. I like Cas but there is room for improvement really.

Additional Characters

With the exception of Aren whose role was not that pronounced too, others just didn’t have that depth about them and I even prefer Em‘s dead mother’s personification to characters that were living because at least she got some screen time even if it was from Em‘s memory. Olivia is one character I will be looking forward to in the next book because she sounds so similar to her mother or maybe worse but I’ll definitely like to find that out.

The Story as a Whole

It felt more like a disturbing love story than a revenge story and I will like more on the revenge itself even if we could get something about why the Ruined were hunted because I keep wondering.

P.S: The fact that I am not a big fan doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate the book because trust me, I did.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Ruined by Amy Tintera

  1. Hmm, I think I might skip out on this one because I’m not having the best luck with books like this lately where the plot is one that has been done before. Plus if the characters lack depth that’s a huge bummer. Seems like there are positive aspects too, though! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one!


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