Book Review: Air Awakens Series

I have been on my regular book drought for a while now and although this doesn’t exactly mean I don’t read at all what it means is that I don’t want to write about them but these books brought me out of that drought. This is not only because it reminds me of a certain Airbender story that we all know and love except if you are not a fan of cartoons and anime then *your loss really*.

It is the classic story of innocent girl meets arrogant jackass then falls for arrogant jackass which puts her in deeper trouble than he is worth but because he is hot and he is a prince, he’s worth it. 

Jackass of the Year

If the award of jackass of the year is being handed out to fictional characters, Aldrik might not win but he will definitely be in the top 5 and guess what, I LOVE THE GUY. Aldrik is that prince you don’t want to meet and I mean at all. I get that he has had it bad most of his life since people tend to use crown princes for their own gains but this guy wears the badge of his black sheepness *pardon my invention* like crown on his head. He throws Vhalla‘s life into shambles in the first book and didn’t think it was wrong until he started falling for her.

The Last Airbender

Vhalla is the sweet, innocent librarian who unknowingly healed the wrong prince with her undiscovered magic then denies herself the training that she needed. Vhalla‘s growth was phenomenal throughout the series and well stretched out. She started out as a naive, intelligent scholar who preferred spending time among books than with actual people then blossomed into a formidable windwalker who is revered by everyone and enslaved to the crown not only by her love for the crown prince but also the invisible shackles of the kingdom itself. I liked the way the series wasn’t just about her love for the prince but also about how she’s adjusting to her new power and life.

Friendship above all

Vhalla was not just bound to Aldrik but also to her friends. The way she survives each and every ordeal isn’t because there is this great guy that loves her very much but it is because she has these great friends that love her more than anything. Fritz being the funniest of all, I love the way Elisa Kova described him so much that I can actually picture him being my friend.

The WAIT for Crystal Crowned

While I was on the third book, I started praying that the 5th and last installment would be released on time so that I can go back to that fantastic world. Imagine my joy when I found out that it would released in less than 2 months, YIPPEEEEEEEE.

P.S: Look at those beautiful covers, aren’t they gorgeous? 


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