Book Review: The Wraith Kings Series

I like stumbling on books a lot, it gives me something to hope for especially when they are not exactly fan favorites. When they are very good, it makes for a very interesting experience but when they are just mildly okay, you are not disappointed because you didn’t expect much anyway.

Grace Draven from what I’ve read at least from this series is an exceptional love story writer with an idea of how to make impossible relationships work while relating to unimportant magic.

Arranged Marriage at its worst

Being a lady, I don’t think I could have been as calm as Ildiko about marry someone I didn’t know a thing about especially when said groom is from another species; a specie if I might had is rumored to have once hunted mine for food. If it were you, would you have? I guess not even when my uncle is the king and it is an edict by him. But like a lamb being led to slaughter, she donned her pretty gown and set up to marry her Kai prince. As faith would have it though, they never knew what kind of life they had in store for each other and it was really amazing to read about these guys.

Slow-Burning and Undeniably Fantastic Love

Ildiko and Brishen had the chance to get to know each other the old fashion way only on their wedding day where they actually made a pact to take things slow and work up from there.And what a delight it was to read how they fell in love, their undying loyalty to one another, their admiration for each other and so on and so forth.

Honesty in Marriage

I think what really helped their relationship was the fact that they were brutally honest which each other. Even going as far as insulting each other in the worst ways possible with Ildiko calling Brishen a monster she would have clubbed with an axe and Brishen calling Ildiko a mollusk and this was only during their first meeting.

No other plot though

As much as I liked the love story, every other plot detail took a back seat to this and it wasn’t cool at all. I mean you had magic and you just wasted it on a minor scenario, you had a very likely baddy but what did you do with her, you made a punch-line out of her detail. This could really have been better.

P.S: I want more though, I really do



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