Book Review: Rise (Order of the Krigers) by Jennifer Anne Davis

To say I had been waiting for this book would be a gross understatement. After reading her True Reign Series, I wrote to Jennifer about how much I loved the series, she wrote back and told me about this book and that it won’t take that long to wait for the sequels.

Kaia’s story is actually a very fascinating story with lots of mysteries attached to it that you would want to jump right in. Which is very good for a writer because it gets readers attached to your book pretty quick especially with that very mysterious prologue but what are my thoughts on the book?

Extremely Fast-Paced

I have never read a book this fast before. Everything happened almost all at once and at some point I had to slow down to fully grab what was going on. You know sometimes when you are dreaming and your dream just switches without any notification? that was how the book felt like. Not that it wasn’t good, I certainly feel like it could have been better than this; she could have slowed things down a bit for us so we can fully grab the whole book.

A Villain I love more than the Heroes

Apart from being too fast, this book delivers an extremely interesting and a little bit misunderstood villain who keeps feeling more like a hero to me and less like a villain until he orders one horrible act. And don’t get me wrong, he is evil and very powerful but he is also sweet, caring and terribly charming so it’s no wonder that Kaia is torn in her decision to kill him or not.

Love Quadrangle

Kaia is a very inquisitive girl who likes to know exactly what is going on, she is also very strong, opinionated, annoying and a bit entitled so it was hard for her to adjust to her current life but after she met Vidar and Anders who constantly refer to her status as a female Kriger like it was a curse to their cause, she proved to them that not only was she the strongest of all the Krigers, she was also a very strong fighter as well. So I wasn’t surprised when the three male characters were in love with her; okay it’s more like 2 while the last one feels its his duty to marry her.

 Not Enough

I like Jennifer Anne Davis so I feel like this book is missing something which I expect to be rectified come November so that my faith in her can be restored.

P.S: I still love Jennifer despite this book.



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