Book Review: The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks


I think a new genre should be created for Nicholas Sparks: Psychological Romance.

The story features everything and anything Sparks: characters with serious health/genetic issues/disorders, middle aged/widowed/widower characters and a small town setting. 

It’s a bit different from the Sparks novels I’ve read in the past. Rather than focus on the relationship between the two main characters, it’s an expository on the nature of both characters; the uniqueness of the life experiences that have made each character what they are.

The book, as does all of Sparks‘ books closely mirrors the real world. It’s not imaginary romance like other authors write; rather it’s more character based. It’s an insertion of love into some of the toughest psychological challenges a human can face and then leaving the entire thing to play out on its own without any artificial theme or intrigue. The result is as unpredictable as any real world happening.

These kinds of books are the easiest to write in a way but at the same time, they are also the most difficult to write because the author has to make decisions at nearly every point whether to allow the story ‘flow’ or add twists and turns.

It’s not the most thrilling or heart pounding read out there. But it’s a must read for those of us who have let our lives and the lives of those we love be shaped by our past mistakes (which is quite a lot of people).

P.S: It’s a rather interesting outlook on reality.


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