Book Review: Crystal Crowned(Air Awakens series)

How my heart saddens that this wonderful story has finally come to an end! I wish I could continue delving into the Solaris empire if only to know how my favorite band of people are moving on with their lives.

I got my hands on an ARC of this book and I will tell anyone who doesn’t have this book on their TBR to go add it now because Elisa Kova delivered on what she has promised. The suffering, the loss, the obsession and many more was rewarded in many folds and I will tell you to buy this book. 

After Death, What?

For all intent and purposes, Victor thought he had killed Vhalla and Aldrik and acting under this assumption, he quickly began ravaging what is left of the land after Emperor Solaris‘s war but our heroine wasn’t done with the world and the world wasn’t done with her too because even though she had lost her power as a wind-walker, she still had so much to offer both her betrothed and their empire.

Another Loss

Vhalla and Aldrik had not seen the end of their sufferings which seemed like it knew no bounds. They still lost another very precious person in their lives which affected Vhalla the most.

 An Empress was Made

Despite her common blood and her love for books, Vhalla‘s strength was forged in blood and gore as much as it was forged in books. She applied every battle strategy and wisdom she learnt from the books and men of old on the battle field and in the strategy halls, she learnt how to navigate the halls of nobility from her betrothed who was only more than happy to teach her.

A Love for the Ages

Vhalla and Aldrik‘s love was one to be envied especially because it’s not insta-love neither was it necessity but a slow burning love that reached its peak and fell so many times that I can’t count. They fought, broke-up, made up, hide, loved, played and shared everything.

P.S: I am so reading this series again and I mean soon 


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