Book Fest Award Questions

It is always an honor when you get awarded and to be for something in the books category, I was ecstatic. So here we go…… 

1. A book you started but never finished…but want to finish. What stopped you from continuing to read it?

“James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing” and to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever finish the book. I started reading because I missed Harry Potter so much and felt it could probably be good but to my disappointment it was less than less than good. It is too descriptive and it felt the author was trying so hard to be J.K Rowling that he completely missed the entire point of the series.

2. What elements attract you to a book, which makes you need to read it?

Oh, I love this question. 1st, the promise of adventure, reality is pretty boring because especially in my part of the world where you can’t just go bungee jumping without someone “my mum” screaming in my ear about being cautious so I live vicariously through my characters and their lives fuel my imagination.

2nd, the escape it provides, picking up a book helps me step into another universe, fly across the galaxy to no where in particular, trapeze through the jungle and fall madly in love with the villain without anyone being judgey.

3. Which books do you prefer, e-copy or hard copy?

Hard copies are better but because I can’t get them immediately, I prefer e-copy.

4. What book are you currently reading or going to read next?

I would have loved “Empire of Storms” to be my next read but beggars can’t be choosers and my addiction is acting up again. I’ll probably read something else soon enough.

5. Is it fair to judge a book by its film?

Hell no! Books made into movies are always better than the movies themselves.

6. What book did you badly judge by its cover and ended up loving?

“Throne of Glass”. For the longest time, I had it on my TBR but didn’t want to read because I felt it won’t be that good so I kept it for those times when I didn’t anything else and boy, was I wrong.

7. Which book character have you felt the most kin with and able to relate with?

Lia in Kiss of Deception. I am not a princess being pressured to marry a prince nor do I have any magical powers but I know what it feels like to want to runaway from it all and start over somewhere else where no one knows who I am or why I’m there and it doesn’t hurt to have 2 hot guys swoon over me.

Now that I have answered my question, I nominate the following bloggers.

My partner in crime Ojo




Pen Prince

My question for you guys is:

How long have you ever stayed without reading a book?

Do you ever have book hangovers?

So the rules are simple guys just follow these guidelines Book Fest blog.



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