Things we hate to see in books

Everyone talks about what is great about the books they love and how wonderfully well the author wrote them and sometimes complain about the books individually but rarely will you find someone say this what I hate in general. We all know that we don’t like certain books and when we are assembling our TBRs, we tend to gravitate towards those that meet our tastes and leave the others even when they are in the same genre or written by the same author.

So, Ojo and I decided it is time we share some of the book traits we dislike and why we don’t like them.


There’s a number of elements I find greatly annoying in fiction.

First Person Female Protagonist

First, I’m not so much of a fan of first-person female protagonist writing by a female author. It can be really annoying, having to listen to every teeny weensy, mostly irrelevant thoughts of the character. Twilight and Vampire Academy are good examples.

Slow-paced Action


I also dislike slow paced, low-action books. I think a good read should be full of breathtaking suspense (even if it’s not fast paced)

Lack of Details

giphy (4)

In writing, details and explicitness is everything. I generally dislike books that just go straight to the story without giving some nice insight into the nature of the characters and the setting.


First, I like female protagonists a lot but I know they can be very annoying at times too. But that brings we down to what I don’t like.

Too Much Explanation


Yeah I get it that you have to describe what the characters are thinking but I think there should be a limit to what you describe. This point is very ironic since my favorite genre is YA and it tends to happen a lot in this particular genre, some authors keep going on and on for pages and it gets be uninterested in certain parts of the book that I practically flip through those pages.



These are the hallmarks of series but when you find it in stand-alones, it just downright annoys me. Like what are you playing at? are you training to gain my loyalty or push me away but it seems like some authors don’t care about that at all. They just think it’s a good end to a good story, WRONG!!!!!!!!

Too many POVs

horrible decision gif

This is one of my biggest problems with YAs, the authors want you to see the book from different perspective but they tend to overdo it sometimes making it difficult for the readers to latch onto a specific character or understand the book fully. My trick is I pick one or two of these characters and intensely follow their stories and leave the others in the dust, for example, Fallen Kingdoms.

Which of these do you relate to and let’s know more.

P.S: When I see books with some of these traits, I run like something is chasing me. 



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