Book Review: A Torch against the Night

So continues the story of Elias and Laia, to be honest, I don’t exactly know what to say about the book because I can’t quite decide how I feel yet. I can say I’m a little bit perplexed though since it seems that the book is suffering from second book syndrome and the fact that I enjoyed An Ember in the Ashes so much made the blow a lot worse than I could take. I know others might not feel the same but I do and I mean really do!!!!!!!

Detached Characters


One of the things I loved most about An Ember in the Ashes was how attached I felt to the characters and here I was; looking to pick up where I left off and I found myself searching desperately for an emotion to hang unto or at least a character that will push me to want more and I was sorely disappointed.

An Old Character, A New Outlook


Helene was a character of little consequence in the prequel but with this book, she gained more ground and in a way moved to the centre stage since this book is partly about her anyway but I would have loved it better if her story felt more intriguing instead of making her seem like someone who was so plain and enamored by a boy that she became less than her station. She is the Blood Shrike for bleeding sake!!! she should have been given more credit.

A Botched Love Triangle


The first rule of love triangles is ” Make it hard for the reader to choose which of the 2 to love” but do I see that here? NOOOOOOOOOOO. What I see is a girl who doesn’t know what or who she wants and the guys who think they know what they want but don’t at least make it so that I will like one of the 3 members of this triangle but I ended up not liking anyone and I can say it was more like a quadrangle because we had Helene on one side busying warring with herself over a guy who she wasn’t even sure loved her.

The Bad Guy is One of the Good Guys


Geeee, I knew that already but at least why don’t you build up a kind of suspense to it as in make it so that I will feel like a fool for guessing it was the character in the first instead I just felt like Oh well, I already knew; NEXT!!!

P.S: I know I didn’t really like this one, I am still looking forward to the next one tho.


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