Book Review: Empire of Storms

I remember vividly when I said this book was going to be the one to look forward to and I am so so glad I wasn’t proved wrong. Sarah J Maas has once again proved that she is a writing force and I love her for it even succeeding in making me love things I don’t normally care for. And I have noticed that she takes pleasure in surprising us just like a certain bitch-queen we know.

The Bitch-Queen is Back!!!!


If you didn’t like Aelin’s dark sense of humor or her quiet swagger before, I bet you would hate her even more has she wades into a game of dark kings and immortal queens who are hell bent on bring down the young queen. I love how well she has grown into her power and how she safely learns to trust others with her plans and all but still knows to keep a few things close to her chest.

A Court of Unusuals


Oh!! she is a queen for the ages has she not only grew her court but also expanded it to include lost souls as well as gain an unlikely ally.It was like she built her very own superhero club and she won’t apologize for it even to an old bastard who loved the fact the he had played king for so long that he didn’t want to yield.

Converged Stories

giphy (2)

As much as I hate multiple POVs, Sarah has found a way for me to not mind that little fact. In the previous books, I didn’t really pay much attention to Elide and Manon‘s stories but with this book well, you get what I mean. I followed every one’s stories and loved every bit of it.

Sacrifice and Cliffhangers


There is always a price to pay for greatness and has it turns out Aelin had figured out her price and she would pay it in full. I just wished Sarah hadn’t taken half of my heart while doing this to me!!!!!!

P.S: I have wait another year to meet these guys again, what torture that would be!!!!


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