5 things I love about Sarah J Maas

Towards the end of last year, I found a wonderful book that had me questioning so many things and built my love for this awesome author. I confess that I saw the first Throne of Glass cover and I was like will I like this book? will it be interesting? will I like the characters? and so many more questions. Because of these questions, it sat in my kobo app for quite some time till I finished some other book that I don’t even remember the title anymore but my heart said try it, you might love it and so I did and it has been one of the best book choices of my life.
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Rick Riordan: He made Greek myths sexy

I remember when I first came across his work, it was The Last Olympian and I later learnt is was the last installation of the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series so I began my search for the other books so I don’t miss anything. It took a while to get all my ebooks ducks in a row but when I started, I could not let go of my iPad and I just kept on going till the end. Continue reading “Rick Riordan: He made Greek myths sexy”