First Meeting

The night sky seems to be mocking me as it was exceptionally bright and beautiful this night. I wore a frown intended to chase away any man that would have been tempted to call my attention as I walked to the tavern to have some much needed ale but being a self conscious person, I made sure my dagger was still hidden in my my boots. As I made sure I wasn’t been followed by my overbearing elder brother who would like nothing more than to hold my hand in public asserting his manliness which I so hate.  Continue reading “First Meeting”


The Last Guardian

She realized it was too late when the sharp edge of the knife cut into her skin. Although she had been living in constant fear since she was 10, this was a level she had never experienced before and she prayed with all her heart that it would go away but nothing seemed to change. ‘Pleaseee stop!!!!!’  She desperately begged but her pleas were like music to her attacker’s ears. ‘This will get better when you tell us where you hid it or this knife goes straight through your eyes next,’ He replied in a very husky voice. At that … Continue reading The Last Guardian