Book Review: The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo)

I love Rick Riordan and I can’t emphasis how much but after Sword of Summer, I thought it was probably time for Rick to either drop the entire old meets new world order theme or find another angle to his brand of stories and it seems like he has definitely found it.

The idea that a god could become man sounds so familiar but for that particular god to be Apollo, well we should be in for a treat right? If you were worried that you would be disappointed, you should put your mind to rest because he more than delivered on this character. Continue reading “Book Review: The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo)”

Book Review: Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

First question I’d like to ask Sarah J Maas, When can I get the third installment? while the second question will be Where do you get such beautiful stories and ideas from? because even though I had been waiting for this story for quite some time, I half expected to be disappointed as most of sequels tend to go this route.

But again, we are talking about Sarah who writes probably one of the most provoking books ever and let me warn you before going in, this book is not for the feint of heart if you know what I mean. I immensely enjoyed this book like any other book she has written and I know now for sure that Empire of Storms will be the book to expect in the coming months. Continue reading “Book Review: Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas”

Book Review: The Dragonian Series by Adrienne Woods

Started this book a while ago and I told myself I wasn’t going to review any of the books until I have had a chance to read Starlight and now that I am done, I am ready to talk about Blake and Elena and their world.

This entire series had all the hallmarks of a magical high school with all the drama and intrigue that comes with it. These children(if you can call them that) spend more time doing what they want than attend school especially in a community filled with other magical folks mainly Dragons and The Dragonians.

You are in for a treat really. There are dragons, strange areas, princesses, princes, wyverns, really bad men, insta-love, slow-burning love and so much more. It was like Adrienne dreamt about what a magical version of One Tree Hill looks like and put everything in writing expect it was way darker and more fun. Continue reading “Book Review: The Dragonian Series by Adrienne Woods”

Book Review: The Rose and The Dagger

It began with a story and it ended with one. This book has been on my TBR from the day I read its prequel and I noticed I was overly excited when I finally got to read it and yes, I was wowed by some of things that transpired and expected the others.

I can’t compare it to the first book though because it was clearly written from a different perspective. While The Wrath and the Dawn was practically a love story between Khalid and Shahrzad, The Rose and The Dagger was more about how the others around them adjust to the weird love Shahrzad had for Khalid especially since they could not understand how someone has steadfast and head-strong as Shahrzad could fall for the monster who not only murdered her best friend but also kept her away from her family. Continue reading “Book Review: The Rose and The Dagger”

Book Review:Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

I had been planning to write this for quite some time now but I didn’t exactly know what to write but let’s begin with the most interesting bit of the story.

A strictly militarized country that thinks it’s bigger than it actually is but is really a very small country that likes to oppress its own people, ring a bell? and that is not where all the fun ends, there is also this other country that was carved out of the same old country that was America but they don’t like each other because of difference in ideals. This is so one country I know right now but I won’t get into that. Continue reading “Book Review:Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu”

Book Review: (Flamecaster Shattered Realms)

Flamecaster is exactly what you would expect from a good Cinda Williams Chima book and I was so not disappointed. Although it feels very much like an incomplete story which I get that it is but I still feel it anyway. I guess this is my brain’s way of saying I want more.

After reading the first to the third chapter, I actually dropped the book and decided I could not deal with what happened until I have had time to process the heartbreak and yes, your heart will be broken especially if you have read The Seven Realms series and I confess that I am still heartbroken but I guess I understand her point of view (you’ll get what I mean once you’ve read the book).
Continue reading “Book Review: (Flamecaster Shattered Realms)”

Book Review: The Mirror King

The Mirror King is a book I had been looking forward to since I read The Orphan Queen last year and I am very glad I wasn’t disappointed and in fact, I think it think I enjoyed it more than I had originally expected. The book in general was a roller-coaster and although you could have predicted some of the events that took place, the mode in which they happen is something that will take you off-guard. Continue reading “Book Review: The Mirror King”

Book Review: The Glittering Court

I came across The Glittering court a few weeks ago when I was looking to refurbish my TBR then I read the synopsis especially the part where it was referred to as a cross between Reign and The Selection. That particular detail was what caught my eye as I seriously loved The Selection and Reign very much so I thought this would be very interesting if it was compared to them and boy, was I wrong. Continue reading “Book Review: The Glittering Court”

Book Review: The Shadow Queen

You guys know how much I love fairytale re-telling and The Shadow Queen was no different from the score of re-telling I’ve read. Authors always find ways to make the story their own even though they are imitations of classics. Although the overall feel of this book was quite appealing, I had little issues with it but they seem insignificant even as I think of them now. Continue reading “Book Review: The Shadow Queen”