Book Review: Gilded Ashes (A Cruel Beauty Novella)

I don’t read novellas at all but Rosamund Hodge has most certainly changed my mind and now, I feel like I can go back to all those novellas I have stored and read till my eyes bleed. This lady gives a whole new perspective to the phrase “Deal with the Devil”, she weaved a story of love lost, love gained and love given in a way so dark that you would not want to read it to your kids at night but that doesn’t stop it from being the great work of art that it is.

Cinderella in a whole new light


We have all been told this story over and over again and Disney has shoved it in our faces more times than we might care to admit but never have I watched or read a story of Cinderella I loved this much. I have always thought that the girl wasn’t tough enough or was too nice and too complacent for my liking but Maia is strong, courageous, daring, beautiful, enduring and was not afraid to speak her mind when she taught it won’t hurt people physically. She is definitely a girl I would love to befriend just like Thea followed her everywhere.

Evil stepsisters were not so evil after all


Thea and Kore were not exactly the kind of girls you would expect Cinderella‘s sisters to be but were the kind of girls who had a reason to be cruel and it had nothing to do with vanity or beauty or jealousy as most fairytales would want us to believe but just wanted to do better than the lives they had been forced into and honestly, most of us would act the same way if presented with the same dilemma.

Prince Charming wasn’t very nice


I loveeeeeeeeeee Anax so very much. He was not one of those people who believed in love and had a good reason for it too although he acted very childishly about it till he met Maia but he was perfectly human and I loved how gently the love story between him and Maia was created even though it was a bit cliche but that is something I can live with.

A most valuable lesson was learnt


Albeit in a dark and rather twisted way, I learnt quite a lot from this book and I hope it would teach you the same as you read it.

P.S: It is very short and it shouldn’t take you long to fall for it as I have.


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