Fifty Words Story – Book Fest Award

I had a lovely warm and cozy home but now this home is squeezing me out like an unwanted garbage and really what did I do wrong? I got big, my tenure ended and I turn and kick hard sometimes but who says I couldn’t have stayed longer? -sincerely, Babies. Continue reading “Fifty Words Story – Book Fest Award”

How does reading make you feel?

I have been asked many times why I read a lot and why it feels too much like an addiction and lately, I feel like it is. But despite this feeling, I will not give it up for anything because it feels too good to give up and how does it feel you ask?

I joined a book addicts group a couple of months ago and I asked my friends in the group how it feels like for them and here is what they have to say about it so you don’t think I’m the only crazy person in the world. Continue reading “How does reading make you feel?”

Book Review: Crystal Crowned(Air Awakens series)

How my heart saddens that this wonderful story has finally come to an end! I wish I could continue delving into the Solaris empire if only to know how my favorite band of people are moving on with their lives.

I got my hands on an ARC of this book and I will tell anyone who doesn’t have this book on their TBR to go add it now because Elisa Kova delivered on what she has promised. The suffering, the loss, the obsession and many more was rewarded in many folds and I will tell you to buy this book.  Continue reading “Book Review: Crystal Crowned(Air Awakens series)”

Book Review: The Queen’s Poisoner(Kingfountain Trilogy)

Where do I begin with this book? This is the first time I’m reading something by Jeff Wheeler and colour me “impressed”. This is a perfect example of a book that sneaks up on you and takes a hold of your thoughts and much more. Although I will not say its perfect in its entirety but I will say it is definitely a step up from all the other books I have read and I am glad for it.

This is a story about a boy who learns the harsh nature of court and its very cunning politics and how said boy learnt very quickly to make the right friends and earn the trust of a king. Continue reading “Book Review: The Queen’s Poisoner(Kingfountain Trilogy)”

Book Review: Rise (Order of the Krigers) by Jennifer Anne Davis

To say I had been waiting for this book would be a gross understatement. After reading her True Reign Series, I wrote to Jennifer about how much I loved the series, she wrote back and told me about this book and that it won’t take that long to wait for the sequels.

Kaia’s story is actually a very fascinating story with lots of mysteries attached to it that you would want to jump right in. Which is very good for a writer because it gets readers attached to your book pretty quick especially with that very mysterious prologue but what are my thoughts on the book? Continue reading “Book Review: Rise (Order of the Krigers) by Jennifer Anne Davis”

Book Review: Air Awakens Series

I have been on my regular book drought for a while now and although this doesn’t exactly mean I don’t read at all what it means is that I don’t want to write about them but these books brought me out of that drought. This is not only because it reminds me of a certain Airbender story that we all know and love except if you are not a fan of cartoons and anime then *your loss really*.

It is the classic story of innocent girl meets arrogant jackass then falls for arrogant jackass which puts her in deeper trouble than he is worth but because he is hot and he is a prince, he’s worth it.  Continue reading “Book Review: Air Awakens Series”